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Airoma Airfreshener

Our automated airfreshener offers continuous fragrance which can be programmed around your busy periods. We offer a range of modern fragrances which will be rotated regularly to help prevent fragrance fatigue.

    V-Air Solid Dispenser

    Our non-aerosol alternative to dispensing fragrance into larger spaces. With no liquids, aerosol or propellants the sub-micron technology leaves rooms continuously smelling fresh and clean. Can be either wall mounted or free standing for complete flexibility. We offer a large variety of modern fragrances.

    Pro-Zone – Ozone generator

    Eliminate unpleasant smells as well as airborne viruses and bacteria. The automatic ozone generator & odour neutraliser destroys harmful micro-organisms, killing up to 99.5% of airborne viruses. Meanwhile odour causing compounds are broken down. The perfect solution for eliminating malodour from busy washrooms, kitchens, locker rooms etc.

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