Hand Drying

Simply Hygiene provides a range of hand drying solutions from warm air dryers to linen roller towels, paper towels and laundered hand towels to ensure your hands are clean and hygienic.


Tornado Dryer

The Tornado dryer is one of the fastest dryers and eco friendly in the market place. Available in 3 models – polished or satin stainless steel or white enamelled.

Key Features

  • 10-12 seconds drying time.
  • Blue LED for hand drying range.

Available for in Chrome or White for purchase or rental.


    The Bio-dryer is a breakthrough in hand drying. It is elegant, hygienic and cost effective.

    Available in a choice of colours to compliment your washroom. 10 second drying time.

    Available for purchase or rental.

      Linen Roller Towels

      Linen Roller Towels are the fastest and most used method of drying hands in the washroom.

      Simply Hygiene provide cabinets FREE on loan. Our 100% cotton towels remove 10 times more micro-organisms than paper towels.

      With a weekly collection and delivery service we ensure your washrooms provide a continuous hand drying solution. A typical towel provides around 200 portions of towel. The cotton towels are both strong and absorbent, and with no waste or electricity requirement are both economical and environmentally friendly.

        Paper Towels

        Paper towels are a popular solution for hand drying in washrooms. Paper hand towels are convenient and dispensers do not need a power supply to be fitted. Paper is a very hygienic method of hand drying, since paper sheets are disposed of as soon as they have been used and users typically do not touch the dispenser itself.

        Simply Hygiene can deliver various types of paper towel. Please call us for details.

            Tea Towels & Hand Towels

            Damp towels are a perfect place for bacteria to breed. Simply Hygiene can supply and launder your tea and hand towels on a weekly basis.

            We will collect soiled towels and deliver a freshly laundered supply each week. Please call us for further information.

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